49 Reasons Why Sisters are One of God’s Greatest Gifts

Dear Mimi,

You are a lucky one. You have 3 beautiful, smart, funny, goofy, snarky older sisters who are there to pave the way for you. It was hard being the oldest. I mean, yeah I did get the most attention growing up, but I also had to figure what everything else was on my own, like how to do my hair, wear makeup, and use the word “dumb” correctly when describing the class bully. (No, don’t do that, that is mean).

But in all honesty, sisters are some of the most amazing humans in your life and here’s why.

Screen Shot 2015-02-13 at 7.01.45 PM

  1. They will talk to you about anything and everything from boys to school to clothes to life to how annoying your brothers are and how to most effectively annoy them back.
  2. They will help you get ready for parties and prom, making sure you look your most beautiful every time.
  3. They will always forgive you when you wear their clothes without asking.
  4. They will come to your side when you are crying for no reason.
  5. They will teach you about shoes, how to properly match a necklace to an outfit, makeup and caring for your skin, how to talk to boys, and how to achieve the perfect combination of cute and smart.
  6. They will show you how to get away with things from your parents (lol jk, but not really) and cover for you when you wanna secretly go get ice cream with your friends. 
  7. They will beat up anyone who makes you shed even a single tear and be your biggest cheerleaders.
  8. They know how crazy your parents can be sometimes and always look out for you.
  9. They will help you with life decisions and tell you what the best places are to shop at the mall.
  10. They will stay up and talk with you till it’s 3 am and make you laugh until your stomach hurts, you can barely breathe, and tears are coming out of your eyes.
  11. They will also yell at you over who gets to use the bathroom first and dare you to do crazy things.
  12. They will cry the hardest at your wedding, and even pretend not to like your husband so that you don’t get married and leave them (Ifu actually said she would do this with me lol).
  13. They will pretend to know whatever you’re learning in school to help you with your homework.
  14. They will always pay for you and buy you things (don’t take too much advantage of this 😉 )
  15. They will slap you upside the head when you’re being stupid and God knows we always need someone to do that for us.
  16. They will make some of your best memories.
  17. They will always remember your birthday and insist like it’s the most important time of the year, when it’s clearly not.
  18. They will be your backup dances in all those Bollywood movies haha.
  19. They will always defend you.
  20. They will always keep a piece of cake for you…sometimes
  21. They will put up with your TV dramas even if they want to watch something else (sometimes)
  22. They will practice your model runway walk with you.
  23. They will paint your nails.
  24. They will show you all the best spots in the city.
  25. They will make sure you are friends with all of their friends’ younger sisters, so boom, your social circle is 3x bigger.
  26. They will teach you about things that parents won’t.
  27. They will show you all the new trends and how to use the latest slang.
  28. They love to see how your face lights up when they surprise you or when you laugh.
  29. They will (usually) give in to whatever you want.
  30. They will show you that there are other colors besides pink and purple.
  31. They will tell you that you look beautiful and mean it, even when you don’t think so.
  32. They will drive you around.
  33. They will text you the weirdest thing that make you question if they’re related to you.
  34. They will fantasize with you about how awesome it would be if both of you married into the same family.
  35. They will let you borrow their phone and laptop when yours is unavailable, broken, taken away, or given to one of the brothers.
  36. They will sneak you junkfood when no one’s looking.
  37. They will stay up and watch terrible movies with you.
  38. They will have random dance parties with you in your pajamas whilst jumping on the bed, pretending you are all in some coming of age movie about your life.
  39. They will grill anyone who comes into your life so hard that the person may or may not just become a shish kabob.
  40. They will humor even your most terrible ideas, when they probably shouldn’t.
  41. They will be your best friends when it feels like you don’t have any at the moment.
  42. They will give you tough love, and keep your ego in-check. The world doesn’t revolve around you.
  43. They will help you stalk anyone you like (everyone pretends like they don’t do this, when we all know that they do).
  44. They will always tell you which member of a boy band or guy in that TV show they like so there aren’t any overlaps. Dibs is very important in sisterhood.
  45. They will help your husband/fiancée plan for the best proposal, ring, wedding, surprises, honeymoon, life for you….all while telling him your most embarrassing stories.
  46. You will always have a buddy at those weird family parties.
  47. They will eat those foods that you don’t like, but only if you do the same for them.
  48. They will always pretend to not like so much and that you are quite possibly the most irritating human on earth (which sometimes you are lol)
  49. But, no matter what, they will always love you and care for you.

Screen Shot 2015-02-13 at 7.01.34 PM

I’m sure there are many more to this list, but those are all the ones I can think of at the moment.

Cheers to our sisters, the spice they add to our lives, and everything they do for us!



P.S. If anyone reading has anything else to add to this list, please comment it below! 🙂

A sister is more than a forever friend. She is joy to the heart and love without end.


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