Valen-times? Valen-times.

Dear Mimi,

So Valentine’s Day is here. Love is in the air as they say. Well blech. Tell love to stop contaminating my air.

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Yes, it’s true. Your older seemingly sweet sister is one of those mean old grouches who hates Valentine’s Day. You might say, oh you just don’t like Valentine’s Day because you don’t have a valentine. Well bah humbug! I wouldn’t celebrate it even if I did have one. And single’s awareness day isn’t that much better either. (But I do love a good Galentine’s Day, if only I had a Leslie Knope in real life).

My homegirl, Leslie Knope. Preach sister, preach!

My homegirl, Leslie Knope. Preach sister, preach!

Valentine’s Day to me honestly is one of the stupidest days in the year. I mean, the concept of love if already so embedded within our society year round with all of the love songs, rom coms, the best friends getting together in pretty much every single TV show. Why do we need to furthermore dedicate a whole day to it, while on top of it, making single people feel like crap that they haven’t that person yet or desperate to find someone, even it’s the hobo down the street, just to feel like they’re not alone? It’s ridiculous!

People in relationships already enjoy their relationships all the time, so why do they need a specific day to enjoy it more? Now, I know I’m no romantic at heart or whatever, but if you need to show someone how much you love them on a commercialized day of the year, that is pretty sad in my not-so-humble opinion. You should be showing the person that you are with how much you love them every single day of every single year that you have together, not just on one day. I have a theory that this day was made up by chocolatiers and florists, who weren’t getting enough business, like “hey! Why don’t we dupe people into thinking that they need to give these things to their beloved on this dumb day so that we can increase our business!” Seriously.

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And then come the expectations (from the basic ‘white’ girl’s perspective). If you’re single, you go out and hope to find someone to be in a relationship with and then omg you can tell everyone that y’all met on Valentine’s Day. Big whoop. If you’re in a relationship, you expect a proposal or a nice dinner and a fancy gift. And if you’re married, you expect flowers and chocolates at home, a nice dinner out, and some kind of jewelry. Kinda the same thing. While these all may seem like surprises, they’re really not. You’re expecting them to happen, no matter how many times you tell yourself you’re not, because we’ve been so brainwashed by this rom-com, love at first sight, society. So even when the guy tries to do something nice for you and surprise you, it’s not really a surprise. It’s merely a meeting of expectations. Why not do these periodically during the year so that they are actual surprises? That, to me, would be more special.

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Then comes the issue of a valentine itself. What even is a valentine? Ya know, besides those lame things you would buy with Snoopy saying “Valentine, you’re just my speed! (taken from an actual Snoopy valentine) and give out to everyone in your first grade class, while saving the especially big one for the guy you liked. The most attractive boy in the class was probably like “why are my valentine’s so much bigger than everyone else’s? Huh.” According to Merriam-Webster’s dictionary love is “something (as a movie or a piece of writing) expressing uncritical praise or affection”. So honestly, the most elaborate gift that should be given on this day is a movie (what the heck? Who has enough time and money to make that?) or a poem, letter, etc. I don’t know how this whole day blew out of proportion.

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Next is who is St. Valentine, who this day is in commemoration of? A commemoration of! Just like President’s Day or Columbus Day! How did we get from celebrating and honoring someone special in history to buying so many flowers that will die a week later and giving into those “Every Kiss Begins with Kay” commercials? (Btw, has anyone seen the penguin one? That one is actually pretty clever I have to admit. Credit should be given where credit is due).

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Anyway, St. Valentine was just someone who died in the way of Christianity. Yeah, he used to perform marriages for people, but I don’t how this has to do with love. Many other priests did that and have been doing that for centuries. What’s so special when he did it? And I guess it’s fine that we’re honoring him with this day, fine. But I don’t think anyone goes out and buy Whitman’s chocolates for anyone on MLK Jr. Day. At least I don’t know anyone that does.

Well, that concludes my very vehement rant about Valentine’s Day. In no way am I against love. If you wanna go ahead and celebrate, then be my guest and you do you. But leave me out of it. I don’t know what my husband will think about my views of this day, but I hope he shares the sentiment. I’d rather get surprises and love and affection throughout the year, not the saturated amount on just one day, while others profit of it.

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So you know what? Yes, I am single on this Valentine’s Day, but I’m gonna sit home and enjoy it in my pajamas and with Netflix, my one true love, just like any other Saturday.





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