15 Important Things My Husband Absolutely, Positively, Most Definitely Has to Know About Me

Dear Mimi,

There comes a time after you get married (I wouldn’t know, but I’m just assuming lol) where your weirdness slowly starts to creep out. Well, I’m gonna do my future husband a favor and just let it all out at once haha 😉 I present to you, the 15 most important things my husband NEEDS to know about me if he wants to survive. Muahahahahaha!



  1. I once stole a shopping cart from a store and pushed it 2 miles back to my dorm while studying abroad in Turkey (in my defense we had a lot of groceries, it was over 100°F out, and we were exhausted/fasting).
  2. Apple cider vinegar smells like feet to me and is the bane of my existence.
  3. In 7th grade, I broke my foot by dropping a shampoo bottle on it (2 days before a trip overseas).
  4. Mango juice and strawberry milkshakes are the way to my heart (and washing the dishes).
  5. I am a picture hoarder (you never know when you might need to pull up the 3 billion pictures of your cat).
  6. I have a taste aversion to Taco Bell (sorry bro, can’t ever go there. at least not with me)
  7. The best pick up line I’ve ever heard was “Do you like free food?” (That should already tell you a lot about me off the bat).
  8. I say ‘duck’ tape instead of ‘duct tape’ and ‘sherbert’ instead of ‘sherbet’.
  9. According to one of my friends, my face feels like pudding and I use too much moisturizer (I apologize for my friend’s lack of boundaries).
  10. I never know how to pronounce ‘Oberweis’ from “Oberweis Ice Cream” (everyone I ask says something different!)
  11. I give my cat a shower twice a year.
  12. 2:17 is my favorite time (it is so randomly exquisite).
  13. Caffeine does not work on me. I can drink a whole cup of coffee or an entire can of pop and go right to sleep.
  14. I hate the following words and phrases: cool beans, totes, adorbs, perf, slay, yaaaas!, on fleek, can’t even (learn to speak like an educated adult people! have a shred a dignity!)
  15. I used to be afraid of geese (USED TO BE).

So there you have it Mimi. Wish him luck, he’s gonna need it.



Sometimes, I pretend to be normal, but it gets boring. So I go back to being me.

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