All About Me According to Buzzfeed Quizzes

Dear Mimi,

There are few things in this world that unite everyone. One of them is Buzzfeed quizzes. These quizzes are literally the biggest time wasters you will ever have, but you will never consider these as such, because hey! I’m learning about myself and if I really am the next Fresh Prince of Bel-Air (you will sadly not get this reference at first read). So, throughout my high school and college career, where time is most abundantly wasted, here is a complete profile of myself, based entirely off Buzzfeed quizzes that I have taken. With, of course, my commentary sporadically given.


-There are a lot. I apologize for this in advance. Hope you don’t get too bored going through all of them.

-I’m not going to link each quiz because let’s face it, I’m not THAT nice and more honestly, I don’t have that much time. But, if you every want to take any of these, a simple google search of “buzzfeed (insert quiz name/topic) quiz” will suffice.

-These are in no particular order. It is completely random.

-Some of these may overlap. It is not my fault. I have taken so many of them that I can not be responsible for remembering all of them.

-I have bolded the ones that are actually true about me. Just so you’re not confused lol.

Here we go.

I should’ve majored in computer science (ha! No) ★ The female literary character that I am is Jo March, from Little Women ★ I should compete on the show Cupcake Wars on the Food Network (I don’t even like cupcakes that much) ★ I am two parts old lady to three parts young (this is probably accurate) ★ I am the classic SNL character Matt Foley ★ I am attracted to awkward, yet adorable British gentlemen (sure, why not)I have done my fair share of living, but I am actually not living life to my fullest ★ I embody the city of Barcelona ★ The Tiffany/classic engagement ring is perfect for me (umm depends) ★ I am the Pixar movie Brave ★ The fictional city I should actually live in is Rivendell from Lord of the Rings ★ I should’ve actually gone to Harvard (yeah no) ★ The food that matches my personality is a sandwich ★ I am not a butthole at all ★ I should actually be an astronaut (what?) ★ I am the Corgi dog ★ I eat like a small childI will be a helicopter parent ★ I am the dancing twins emoji (I prefer the dancing lady one) ★ I am Tiana, from the Disney Princesses ★ The Disney couple that is my ideal relationship is Anna and Kristoff from Frozen ★ I am straddling the line between cool and uncool (no way. I am all cool) ★ The girlscout cookie that is me is chocolate chip shortbread ★ I am single because I am too perfect (cheers to that) ★ I am a suddenly single serial dater ★ I should be in the “best friends” relationship ★ I am so emotionally unavailable that I am “frozen” (okay not that much) ★ The dinosaur I am is the dilophosaurus ★ I should get a teeny tiny tattoo someplace cute like behind my ear or on the inside of my wrist (I wish) ★ I am the shark Mark Cuban from Shark TankIf I were elected president, I would be going on Mount Rushmore, striding along the best presidents in history ★ Ombre hair is the trendy thing I would really love if I actually tried it (I don’t think I can pull it off) ★ My fate in the Hunger Games would be death. I succumbed to a career during the final showdown ★ My college major should actually be environmental science (is this a joke?) ★ I am not indecisive ★ The European country I actually belong in is Malta ★ My kid will be a doctor when they grow up (you know it) ★ The thing that I should do next is “get off the grid” ★ I am Alison DiLaurentis from Pretty Little Liars ★ The celebrity couple that me and my significant other are is Barack and Michelle Obama (idk I don’t have an SO) ★ The subculture wedding that I will have is a bronie/pegasister wedding (this is not happening) ★ I deserve a powerful butt ★ I am the farm animal of pig ★ I am Mitchell Pritchett from Modern FamilyI am a the BEST of best friends (my bff can attest to this)The fandom I belong to is Pottermore (OMG! YES!) ★ Liam Payne from One Direction is the boy-band member that is my soulmate ★ I am the Leonardo DiCaprio character of Romeo from Romeo and Juliet (blecchhh) ★ I am Karl Marx ★ My startup fairy tale will end by raising a huge financing round that is basically an exit ★ Why? Who knows, anymore? (What even was this quiz?) ★ Jennifer Lawrence should be my best friend (Heck yeah) ★ The British girl band I should be in is Little Mix ★ I really belong in Imperial China ★ I am a ragdoll cat ★ I am the NBA legend Shaquille O’Neal ★ My patronus is a horse ★ The dream home I should actually live in is an underwater suite in the Maldives (this would be so incredible!) ★ I am Franklin D. Roosevelt ★ The monarch I am is Charles II ★ My character from Shakespeare is Beatrice from Much Ado About Nothing (love her) ★ I should wear jeans and a comfy top, done cute today ★ I am a snickerdoodle cookie ★ Buffy from Buffy the Vampire Slayer is my 90s style icon ★ I should actually drive a Lamborghini Aventador (buzzfeed has spoken, who is going to give me this?)I am repelled by messes, but not going to do anything about them (tru) ★ I am the traditional middle class ★ I am Katniss Everdeen from The Hunger Games (definitely not that brave) ★ The instrument I would play in my fantasy band is a rhythm guitar ★ Brian from Family Guy is the animated dog that I am ★ My Willy Wonka and the Chocolate Factory character is Charlie Bucket ★ The Salvatore brother I would end up with from Vampire Diaries is Damon Salvatore ★ My mythical creature is a unicorn ★ I am an asiago cheese bagel ★ Black olives is my pizza topping and it shows that I’m not afraid to share my opinions ★ I am Ai Wei Wei, the contemporary artist (don’t even know who this is) ★ I am Sunny Baudelaire from A Series of Unfortunate Events ★ I am the fast food chain of Starbucks ★ The reality TV show I should actually go on is American Idol (hahahahahaha no) ★ I am a pecan pie ★ I am the “It’s a Small World” Disney ride ★ I am an apple pie (1000 times yes) ★ I am Audrina Patridge from The Hills ★ I should go to Colorado for spring break ★ The super power I should have is bursting into flames (ouch) ★ I am an index investor ★ I am the droopy slice of pizza ★ The Australian celebrity I am is Cate Blanchett ★ I am the DC Animated Universe Batman ★ Out of all of Harry Styles’ exes, I am Kendall Jenner (I’d rather be a fish) ★ I am Belle from Once Upon a Time ★ I am Charlie and Sam from Perks of Being a Wallflower ★ I am the minor Friends character of Tag Jones ★ My significant other and I are the literary couple of Count Alamasy and Katherine Clifton from The English Patient (who now?) ★ I am Ethel Mertz from I Love Lucy ★ Netherlands is the country I actually belong in ★ I should name my improv team “Blast from the Pants” (this could be taken in a very different way, so no) ★ I am a very large amount of spaghetti in a vase, with a glass of milk ★ I should have a “long waves” haircut ★ The romantic comedy that best describes my actual love life is Love Actually (really didn’t care for this movie) ★ I am the classic Star Wars character of Han Solo (yeah buddy!) ★ I should have studied abroad in Amsterdam ★ I am Hobbes from Calvin and HobbesThe queen of comedy I am is Tina Fey ★ I can actually pass a driving test ★ The University of California I should actually attend is UCLA ★ I am getting an A+ in life (lol yeah right) ★ The TV/Movie high school I would attend is Sunnydale High School from Buffy the Vampire SlayerJennifer Lawrence is the actress that would play me in the movie of my life (coming never to a theatre near you) ★ I AM SOOO READY FOR SUMMER ★ I would belong in the “Amity” faction from Divergent ★ The conspiracy theory I should believe in is that Elvis is still alive ★ I am a hardcover bookI have a corporate dad ★ I am moderately socially awkward ★ The sorority I should have pledged to is GDI, God Damn Independent (aka no sororities for me) ★ I am Andy Clark, the athlete, from The Breakfast Club ★ Beyoncé is the pop star that should be my best friend ★ The independent woman I am is a mama who profits dollas ★ I am Michelle Tanner from Full HouseI will actually get married very soon (according to my grandma) ★ I am the famous Knight of “White Knight” the chocolate ★ I have too many Facebook friends ★ I am pretty lazy ★ I should be a third wheel with the famous duo of Selma Hayak and Penelope Cruz ★ I am good at paradoxes ★ I am most likely to become president ★ I am a super saver with money ★ I should have a snack ★ How gullible am I? Ain’t fallin’ for that ★ I was a world explorer in a past life ★ I am definitely not a bro ★ The star sign I am actually is cancer ★ I would last 3 months in a zombie apocalypse (this is an over estimate) ★ I am Mike from Mike Mulligan and his Steam Shovel ★ The Batman villain I am is Talia Al-Ghul ★ I am a cat ★ I am also an elephantRyan Gosling and I are not soulmates (I agree, sorry Ryan. You missed out) ★ I am definitely not L.A. ★ I am responsible enough to have a pet ★ I am crazy single ★ I am the ultimate creeper ★ I am the Scarlet Witch avenger ★ I would pass school science right now ★ I most definitely grew up in the 90s ★ I am Linus from Charlie Brown ★ The fashion capital I should live in is Milan ★ I am a wedding crasher (have actually done this before) I have some introverted tendencies ★ I was not that spoilt of a child (not according to my parents) ★ Jennifer Lawrence and I have so much in common that it hurts ★ I am a lawful neutral person ★ I am in the prime of my life, in the sweet spot of responsible, but still fun ★ I am totally gnarly from the 90s ★ I am the Marvel villain of Loki ★ I have only scratched the surface of what it means to be French ★ I am getting close to having a grown up living space ★ I am quite privileged ★ I am not that stereotypically white ★ I am a pizza warrior ★ I am mildly addicted to my cell phone ★ I care about grammar so much that I am a word nerd ★ I don’t have a single bad bone in my body ★ I am Lexie Grey from Grey’s AnatomyI am somewhat collegeI am gamer level rookie ★ I am a wannabe thirty-something (negative) ★ The color of my aura is blue (it’s actually indigo, so I’ve been told) ★ I am a grape ★ I am a carnation ★ I have highly refined cartoon hunk taste (what does this even mean?) ★ I have 61 out of 100 life skills ★ Me and my best friend are movie BFFS Thelma and Louise ★ I am a halfway Mumbaikar ★ The superhero team I should join is the Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles ★ I am Amy March from Little WomenI am in the middle of being a millennial stereotype ★ I have seen 18 out of 176 films by female directors ★ I am a BAIT: Beauty Addict in Training ★ I am a night owl ★ I benefit from white supremacy ★ I am a big time people hater (not all people) ★ My signature drink is champagne ★ I would have died at the Red Wedding on the Game of ThronesMy life is like a sitcom ★ In 5 years, I will be at one with the universe (someone explain this to me) ★ I have checked 52 out of 120 items off my bucket list (it can’t be that many) ★ I am not annoying on Facebook ★ I should marry a merman (huh?) ★ My cat should work in politics, but should not run for presidentThe fashion decade I belong in is the 2010s ★ I am not basic at all ★ I am down to Earth ★ The Hunger Games district I belong in is District 10, the industry of livestock ★ I am a half-blood wizard ★ I am extremely Midwestern ★ I am pretty gosh darn happy ★ I am ready to graduate college ★ I have dined at 49 out of 230 fast food joints ★ I am Professor Snape from Hogwarts ★ I can sing along to 23 ‘00s songs ★ I should treat myself (TREAT YO SELF)I have played 33 out of 120 board games ★ I crushed on 20 ‘00s heart throbs (meh) ★ The Ben and Jerry’s Ice Cream flavor that I am is “Late Night Snack” ★ The movie version of my life would be a sci-fi movie (I’m thinking more of a sitcom) ★ My purpose in life is to watch all the TV in the world (this would get boring real quick) ★ I should wear heart shaped sunglasses (no.) ★ I am pretty high up on the Disney princess scale (what does this even mean? Is this a nicer way to say high maintenance?) ★ The wedding I should have is Megan Fox’s beach wedding ★ My BFF should be Emma Stone (heck yeah!) ★ The minor character from Harry Potter that I am is Dean Thomas ★ I am a rainbow unicorn ★ I have watched 28 out of 200 romantic comedies (uggh that is 28 too many) ★ My prom date is Prince Eric ★ Coach Taylor and Tami is the TV couple that is my ideal relationship ★ My relationship status is that I’m playing the field (no way) ★ I would play the funny animals in a Disney movie ★ I would also play the princess in a Disney movie ★ I am the knockoff product “Dr. Good Guy” from “Dr. Pepper” ★ I can live without 54 out of 75 luxuries ★ I would be a seasoned veteran cop ★ I should have my dream Disney wedding at Elsa’s Ice Castle from Frozen (I hate the cold) ★ I am Chris Traeger from Parks and Recreation ★ A donut matches my personality ★ I am sooooooo bad ★ I am Jack from Boy Meets World ★ Jack Hunter is also my Boy Meets World soulmate ★ I should spend my next $100 by donating to charity ★ I have a type-A personality ★ Buzzfeed guessed that my university degree is history (wrong) ★ A funny guy turns me on ★ I am not badtameez ★ I am the tough love teacher ★ My dominant emotion is thirsty (WHAT!) ★ I am a flawless diva ★ I should have 3 kids ★ I cannot even adult and I should get help now ★ I am more like my mom ★ I am the greek goddess Nike, winged goddess of victory ★ I have logic smarts ★ I am post-hipster ★ I am the YouTube star Hank Green ★ I am the Candy Crush obstacle Licorice X ★ I am none of the guys from New Girl ★ I am not much of a stereotypical student ★ The name that a barista should write on my coffee cup is “Lettuces” ★ I am the Taylor Swift song “Style” ★ My super mom power is that I still cut off the crusts (I will do a LOT more than that) ★ I am the non-texter ★ I am the year 1997 from the 90s ★ I am the Bridesmaids character Annie ★ I mostly can just even right now (this quiz was the worst) ★ I should date the star sign Pisces ★ I am a tough cookie ★ I am 11 out of 49 Taylor Swift, aka I am Olivia Benson ★ The Christmas cookie I am is a sugar cookie ★ I am the 2014 meme “Alex from Target” ★ The quiet personality type turns me on ★ I am the famous wizard Voldemort ★ I am the down-to-earth sandal ★ I should date someone funny ★ Other people find my immense intelligence attractive ★ I should be reincarnated as the “no deal” emoji ★ I am Lilly Onakuramara from Pitch PerfectI am a cat person ★ I am a logical learner ★ I am really attracted to Netflix ★ My makeup bag is missing nail appliqué ★ I am Professor Stromwell from Legally Blonde ★ I belong in the YA novel Fangirl ★ I am Elizabeth James from The Parent TrapI am the Justin Timberlake song “Mirrors” ★ I am Raven Baxter from That’s So Raven ★ I am a Renaissance Disney princess ★ The internal organ I am is the kidney ★ I am girlfriend material for sure ★ Am I ready for real love? Put a ring on it ★ The guy from High School Musical that should be my valentine is Chad Danforth (I don’t know how to evaluate this) ★ I am as spicy as a deep-fried Jalapeno pepper ★ I am going to have kids in 10 years (yeah no) ★ I am the Disney heroine Belle ★ My soulmate should be a Capricorn ★ Buzzfeed would be friends with me in real life ★ I should study abroat at Ãcole Normale SupÃrieure in France ★ I am a bobcat ★ I should actually give up social media for lent (if I actually used it LOL) ★ I would be an extremely cool aunt ★ My horoscope for the new year is a decisive dog ★ The girl scout cookie that is my one true love is the Trefoils (eww no) ★ I am the 2015 Academy Award Nominee Emma Stone (yes! I am Emma Stone!) ★ I am somewhat like Bridget Jones ★ The Spice Girls song “Spice Up Your Life” captures the theme of my life right now ★ Steve Carell is the Oscar nominator actor that is my soulmate (he’s old enough to be my dad so pass) ★ The type of American men that I am attracted to are the sophisticated city men ★ I belong in the gingerbread plum trees land in “Candyland” ★ I am the Lindsey Lohan character Cady from Mean Girls ★ The Totally Spies gadget I should use is compowder ★ I am a rub-it-in-your-face Catholic (I don’t know what this means) ★ I would be able to survive a month being stuck outdoors (this is an overestimate and not true) ★ I have eaten 96 out of 100 foods ★ Monica from Friends matches my zodiac sign ★ I am the superhero Amanda Waller ★ I am very low maintenance ★ I am the female Teen Wolf character of Lydia Martin (don’t watch this show) ★ I am the YouTube prankstar VitalyzdTv ★ I was eaten by the bear ★ I am the Heroes of Olympus character Nico di Angelo ★ I cannot make fetch happen ★ My puritan name would be Humiliation Hynde (who even makes these quizzes?) ★ My spirit pizza is a supreme pizza ★ I love food and am an adventurous eater ★ Today I should procrastinate by preparing for the inevitable zombie plague ★ Julie Andrews is the British actress that should be my grandmother ★ My post British name should be Henrietta (not the biggest fan of this name) ★ I am a dolphin ★ I am a typical Aries (not an Aries) ★ I am a bit awkward ★ Caine Wise is the hot alien that is my soulmate (who is this?) ★ I am a typical Aquarius (not an Aquarius either) ★ ‘You’re adorable!’ is the compliment I deserve todayI have seen 50 out of 100 Disney Channel Original Movies ★ I am William Miller from Almost Famous ★ I should date Dwight Schrute from The Office (omg can you imagine?) ★ I know common acronyms very well ★ I should watch The Craft this Valentine’s Day (never even heard of this movie) ★ Harry Potter should be my valentine ★ Thomas Jefferson should be my valentine ★ I am the ‘00s teen movie CrossroadsI should not dump my partner (ya know, if I had one, I wouldn’t) ★ Ursula from The Little Mermaid is my villainous valentine ★ I am the Bond girl Tatiana Romanova from Russia with Love ★ The fake NBC show from 30 Rock I should be on is “Los Amantes Clandestinos” ★ Fozzie Bear would be my perfect Muppet valentine ★ I should put Dwight’s belongings in Jello as a prank from the The Office ★ I am nothing like Drake (Thank the Lord) ★ I am the cricket legend Brian Lara from the West Indies (oh yeah J) ★ I am Disney pop princess A.J. Michalka ★ Kronk from The Emperor’s New Groove is the Disney villain that should be my valentine ★ Pensive boy is the emoji that matches my zodiac sign ★ My fridge has 22 out of 54 middle class foods in it ★ I should hook up with the avenger Captain America this Valentine’s Day ★ “Ann, you beautiful spinster. I will find you love” is my Leslie Knope compliment ★ I am single because I am killing it at work ★ My drunk name should be Piers (what kind of name is this? Also, I will never get drunk so we’ll never find out) ★ I am Littlefoot from Land Before Time ★ Khloé Kartrashian is my style icon ★ Adam Levine is my pop star enemy ★ I am still undecided about love ★ I should take a mental health day ★ Minerva McGonagall is the Harry Potter character that is my drunk alter ego ★ I am the ‘90s sitcom Married with Children (not even close) ★ I could not survive on Mars ★ My candy heart should say ‘K’ ★ I would the teletubby Lala in a bar fight (do teletubbies go to bars?) ★ I am the Taylor Swift single “We are Never Ever Getting Back Together” ★ This Galentine’s Day, I should watch the Disney movie Hercules ★ My teenage years weren’t embarrassing at all (this is a bold face lie for everyone on Earth) ★ My hometown is kind of isolated (not even in the slightest) ★ I REALLY hate Valentine’s Day (for more on this check out ) ★ I should spend Galentine’s Day with Gossip Girl star Blair Waldorf ★ I am the Sweetheart Swift era of Taylor Swift ★ My valentine should be a Scorpio ★ I wear ‘earthy’ makeup ★ I am Sabrina the teenage witch ★ My sixth sense is knowing when someone needs an awkward hug (I don’t do hugs) ★ I am the fresh prince of Bel-Air (smell ya later!)

I’m sorry. I didn’t know there were this many. Your sister is officially a Buzzfeed quiz hoarder.



Life isn’t about finding yourself. It’s about creating yourself. ~George Bernard Shaw


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