An Open Letter To My Fiancé’s Ex — ‘The One That Got Away’

Dear Mimi,

This is a post written by one of my closest friends. It describes, true, raw emotion of love, something I cannot describe to you yet, having never felt that before. I hope you read it and learn something, how to be vulnerable, how life can change, how love works.


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Flickr / Richard P J LambertFlickr / Richard P J Lambert

Dear S,

Even though we’ve never met, I feel like I know you. Despite living at opposite ends of the country, we’re kind of like neighbors. Except, the space we share is in his heart. And here I am, finally doing what you weren’t able to finish. I’m sorry. But I won’t feel right proceeding without letting you know a few things.

I want you to know that I saw it. I saw the way he loved you. The way, because of you, for the first time in his life, he was happy. The way he wouldn’t even look at another girl because he was so captivated by you. I saw the way that even though he was here, back home physically, his mind and heart were back in California with you. I saw the way nothing else mattered to him. I saw that…

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