Didi’s Delightful & Disastrous! October 2016

Dear Mimi,

As I am going through life, trying new things and experiencing different moments, I will come across things I like and would wholly recommend to you, and things that I would stay away from.

Hence, my new monthly tidbit, Didi’s Delightful & Disastrous! At the end of every month, I will share with you, from all the stuff I have tried, things that I like (those would be “delightful”) and things that I would rather not repeat (aka “disastrous”). Hope you enjoy!

October was definitely a busy month for me. I was trying some new skincare products, taking a break from my beloved Kiehl’s Midnight Recovery Concentrate (I will be going back, don’t worry. Just wanted to see how some other samples, which I’ve had for longer than I’d like to admit, performed). I was also in the market for a new fragrance, and that has been a struggle in and of itself. So, without further ado, here’s what was delightful and disastrous for this month!

*Disclaimers*: None of these links are affiliate links or sponsored. These companies have no idea I exist, and I merely add the links to their websites to make it easier for you to check them out, if you’d like. The end.


Clarins Gentle Foaming Cleanser with Cottonseed ($25)


I received a sample of this, and literally after 1 use of this stuff, I went out and bought the full size. That’s how much I loved it. It was kind of weird stepping away from my Neutrogena Grapefruit Oil-free Acne Wash, but this cleanser is SO good!

It makes my face feel clean. Like I finally know what squeaky clean feels like! I think it makes my skin look brighter and fresher, and my face feels so soft. I know it’s a little bit expensive, but you only need the teensiest amount, so it lasts a super long time. It also smells amazing, like fresh laundry, so all good things with this one!

YSL Lumiere Divine Highlighting Finishing Powder Palette ($47)


If you read my Internet Beauty Buys post, you’ll know about this highlighter already. Though it’s a bit (or a lot) of a splurge, it’s so beautiful. It gives off a lovely sheen and when just the right light catches in on your face, it looks like you’re glowing from within. It’s absolutely mesmerizing. I love it and it’s everything I want in a highlighter.

Farmacy Firming Night Balm ($48)


I received this as a sample in the Sephora Favorites Beauty Sleep Set (highly recommend) and it was the first thing I wanted to try out. I had never heard of this brand before, but after doing a little research, they seemed to be pretty good, focusing on all natural elements, which I love. This stuff has the consistency of vaseline and you only need a tiny amount for your face. It soaks right into your skin, doesn’t feel greasy or oily, and when you wake up the next morning, your face feels softer and healthier. For now I have been using it by itself for the purpose of testing, but I can’t wait to combine this with my MRC and see what wonders it’ll do!

Tocca Florence Eau de Parfum ($68 for 1.7 oz)


So during my struggles of perfume hunting (blog post coming soon!), the lady at Sephora recommended this to me and I. fell. in. LOVE. Growing up, Nani’s house always had jasmine flowers and everytime I would go to Dadi’s house, she would order jasmine flowers for me everyday and put them in my hair. Needless to say, jasmine is one of my favorite smells (along with coffee, vanilla cinnamon, and passionfruit), and as you could probably guess, this stuff smells exactly like it. I get so excited everytime I decide to put this on.

And it’s one of those perfumes where it goes in and out during the day. Like sometimes you’ll really smell it, and other times it goes into hiding. For some reason, that is super intriguing to me and I like it.

Kiehl’s Midnight Recovery Eye ($37)


With how much I love the Midnight Recovery Concentrate, it really is a mystery as to why I waited this long to order the Midnight Recovery Eye. And I really wish I had ordered this sooner, because it is just as good as MRC. As brown girls, dark circles are just something that God has tested us with, so I have been playing around with different eye creams to help alleviate that problem. THIS IS THE SOLUTION. It has done what other eye creams haven’t for me, and my dark circles are no longer existent. Even on nights where I don’t get that much sleep, I still look well-rested in the morning, and don’t even wear concealer when stepping out!

Laura Geller Waterproof Lip Liner in Spice ($18)


As my lip collection is growing, I have been debating the importance of lip liners and if I really need one. I never really got into them, so here’s a funny story about how I obtained this little guy. I had actually gone into Ulta to get a sample of the Buxom Wildly Whipped Lipstick (more on that later) and they said they had run out, but could offer me this lip liner instead, to which I gladly accepted (why would you ever say no to free samples?).

Overall, I like it. It can be a bit drying and it’s definitely waterproof, but it does keep your lip products on longer. It’s also a perfect nude color so you can wear this with lots of different shades of lip products. I just wouldn’t recommend wearing this lip liner by itself, like I know you can with some lip liners. It looks too cakey and it’s super drying if you do.

Kate Spade Cedar Street Karolina Wristlet ($100)


With my increasingly busy schedule, I found that my beloved crossbody bag wasn’t cutting it. I needed something quick, easy, and hands-free. Enter the Karolina Wristlet. I had gotten this a few years ago as a gift, and there couldn’t have been a more perfect time to start using it. It’s sleek, elegant, and classy, yet roomy enough to hold my phone, a couple pens, has a coin compartment, slots for about 20 cards, a license window, and double slots for money and checks! I love it!

Soap Ethics Patience: Lavender Oatmeal Soap ($5.50)


Anyone who knows me knows I am sucker for natural soaps. After staying in Turkey and seeing how great olive oil soaps cleared up the eczema that I developed there, I went cuckoo for all-natural soaps. Even my dad so graciously gifted me the Crabtree & Evelyn soap gift set, which definitely doesn’t come cheap. But here is a great one that does! These are all-natural, vegan, olive oil based soaps with other goodness added in, such as oatmeal, charcoal, tea tree oil, etc. Even though, I’ve only tried the lavender one so far, I’m so excited to try out these others. Plus, they smell incredible, and I know the owner of this brand personally.

Nestlé Crunch Girl Scout Cookie Bars


Girl Scout cookies and Crunch. Need I say more?


While Chipotle is not something I discovered in October (I don’t live under a rock, thank you) I do love the $3 burritos they have for Halloween (P.S. that’s today. You’re welcome). Click the link to find one near you.


Elizabeth and James Nirvana Bourbon Eau de Parfum ($85 for 1.7 oz)

*Morgan Freeman voice* It was after smelling this that I realized I do not like the smell of bourbon. I’d rather not walk around smelling like I’ve been drinking all day. I don’t even drink, so that would be ironic.

Angel by Thierry Mugler Eau de Parfum ($70 for 1 oz)

Remember how much I said I loved Tocca’s Florence Perfume. Yeah, let’s move all the way to the other end of the spectrum. A little more. A little more. Now a lot more. That’s how much I despise this. I sprayed it again just to see if I really hated it that much, and I regretted it as soon as the perfume particles hit the air. Please. Avoid this at all costs. (Sorry I’m being so harsh towards this perfume. These are my honest opinions only. If you love this perfume beyond anything else, please wear it as much as your heart desires. You do you.)

Buxom Wildly Whipped Lightweight Liquid Lipstick in Centerfold ($21)

So I actually went into another Ulta to get a sample of this because I really wanted to try it. I have a couple of Buxom things from before which I really like and I really wanted to like this too. But, unfortunately it did not live up 😦 While the color is really nice and it has a very smooth texture and buttery formula, it never really dries down. It kinda bleeds all over the place and sometimes gets on my teeth, which is not attractive at all. Personally, I don’t think it’s worth the $21 price tag.

So that’s it for October Mimi. See you November 30!



P.S. Have any suggestions for November? Leave it in the comments. I would love to try it out!

Life is about taking chances, trying new things, having fun, making mistakes, and learning from it.

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