Didi’s Delightful and Disastrous! December 2016

Dear Mimi,

This is it. We’re saying goodbye to 2016. And honestly? I couldn’t be happier.

These are the products I used a lot specifically in December, but check out my 2016 Favorite Finds (out tomorrow!) for all the products I loved during the whole of 2016.

*Disclaimers*: None of these links are affiliate links or sponsored. These companies have no idea I exist, and I merely add the links to their websites to make it easier for you to check them out, if you’d like. The end.


Vanity Planet Spin for Perfect Skin Brush System ($30)


This system was recommended to me by a close friend. She claimed it made her skin feel really clean and she now had less acne since her pores were constantly being “taken care of” lol. So I went out and bought it off of Groupon. It’s $100 on the Vanity Planet website, but there are so many discount codes out there, it would be a shame if you spent anymore than $30 on it. On Groupon, I found it for $25 (trust me, I would NOT buy this for $100).

This comes with 4 brush heads, a regular cleansing one, an exfoliating one, a body brush, and a pumice stone one. I have yet to try the exfoliating and the pumice stone, but I do love the other 2. I have to admit, the regular on is a little harsh for my skin, so I don’t use it every day. However, when I do, 1-2 times a week, it works really well. I don’t have a Clarisonic, so I can’t say how it compares, but for $30, it’s really not bad. The body brush especially is quite amazing and makes it feel like you just came out of the spa.

Makeup Forever Aqua Rouge Liquid Lipstick in “2: Rosewood” ($24)


There aren’t a lot of liquid lipstick formulas that I like. But this is an entirely different story completely. I loooooooooove this! It is non-drying and honey, it ain’t gonna come off till you want it to come off. And even then, it might stay on a little longer. I know this is pricey, but I highly, highly recommend this. It is the best liquid lipstick I’ve ever tried.

I wore this during a day out in the city and applied it around 1 pm. We ate lunch (Italian food), walked around the city in the cold air, I was constantly drinking water, we ate giant cupcakes, went to a basketball game, ate a disgusting amount of nachos and cheese, and I got back home at 11 pm and IT STILL LOOKED LIKE I JUST APPLIED IT. And even during all that, especially through the cold winter air, my lips were not chapped at all! Get this if you can, you won’t regret it!

Urban Decay Naked Smoky Palette ($54)


I got this on sale for 50% off because I thought what the heck, when is this ever going to be on sale again. Can I just say that I love the packaging and the look of this palette, but the fact that they spell “Smokey” without the “e” really bugs me.

Overall, it’s a great palette. Classic UD Naked palettes with the 12 shades, great pigmentation, limited fallout, and they blend really nicely. A lot of the colors are on the darker side, but there are lots of different looks you can create either way. One really cool thing about this palette is that the shadows are organized by finish: 4 shimmers, 4 satins, and 4 mattes.

Kiehl’s Restoring Shampoo & Conditioner ($20 for 8.4 oz & $21 for 6.8 oz)

My hair is not the best. It’s frizzy and dry and bleh. One of my friends recommended I try this shampoo and conditioner out after she had herself. She really loved it and she already knew how big a fan of Kiehl’s that I am (seriously, the amount of people who have gone out and bought the MRC after I told them to), so it was only fitting that I went out and bought this for myself.

These 2 products are SO great! Whenever I wash and condition my hair with this, NO FRIZZ. This is a first for me! My hair feels so soft and light and healthy. Kiehl’s, back at it again with the amazing products. You will forever have my 💖.

Julep Nail Polishs in Lupita & Janice ($14 each)

🎵 Oh it’s the most wonderful time of the year (for these nail colors)! I wore this combination most of December since it’s so darn cute and festive. Lupita is the red shade and Janice is a pretty shimmer with purple, red, and gold glitter. I love pairing the 2 together and it was great for the holidays!

The polishes themselves are pretty good quality and with the right nailpolish remover, the glitter comes off in a snap! I know these are pricey for the amount, but the Julep website is always having sales or mystery boxes, which are a steal. That’s where I got these 2 colors from. Check it out!

YSL Couture Kajal 3-in-1 Kohl Eyeliner ($35)


I know, I know, this is a ridiculous amount to spend on Kajal, especially when I can order some directly from India for like a dollar. But, before you go and give me a stern lesson on wasting money, I did not go out and specifically buy this. Remember when I went out and bought myself some perfume? Well, this was included with the YSL Mon Paris; it was a gift set. I figured, I’m spending for the perfume anyway, might as well get some extras that I would never go out and purchase by themselves.

This kajal though. Ughh, it goes on like a dream. So smooth, and creamy, it doesn’t make you look like you have raccoon eyes. It lasts maybe 4 or 5 hours, so not the whole day, but just enough for a party or nice event. I kinda don’t want to use it too much so that I won’t have to go without it. We’ll see how it goes. And with the gold and black packaging? This is luxury at its finest.

L’Occitane Hand Cream ($12 for 1 oz)


After I got my Kate Spade wristlet, I needed a hand cream that was small enough to fit, yet still be effective. During the Sephora holiday sale, I saw this in the aisle and these were perfect! I had never heard of the brand before, but I absolutely love it! These little guys are so moisturizing and so travel friendly, that I went out and purchased a second pack, just in case I would run out before the holiday set came out for 2017.

*Note: The ones I got were a set of 4 with 10mL each in them, not the set pictured. They were limited edition, but either way, these hand creams are still fabulous!

Nivea Express Hydration Body Lotion ($6 for 16.9 oz!)


Speaking of hand creams, this is my holy grail stuff that I use at night before I go to bed, or if I’m just in the house. You get so much product, so it’s a great value and it leaves your hands feeling nice and soft without leaving them greasy. Definitely a must-have, especially for the winter months.

Too Faced Chocolate Bar Palette ($49)


I know, I’m uber late to the game, but I recently got this palette from Ulta (for free mind you! How? Blog post coming soon!) What was I doing with my eyeshadow before? This palette is absolute magic. First off, it smells like chocolate. Yes. Two, it’s a warm neutral palette. Yes. Three, the color selection is wonderful. Yes. Four, the number of looks that one can create with this palette is literally infinity. Yes. Five, the shades “Salted Caramel” and “Amaretto”. Yes. Six, the colors are so pigmented and buttery, with very little fallout (with 2 exceptions). Yes. Seven, they blend like a dream. Yes to everything. Go get this.


Anastasia Beverly Hills Liquid Lipsticks ($20)

Screen Shot 2016-12-29 at 1.13.34 AM.png

Allison, a Sephora exclusive.

I tried Mimi, I’m sorry. I really wanted to love these, trust me, I did. And I know people will probably hate me for this (my BFF does), but I really don’t like these. [I don’t wike it! Anyone watch that Chris Evans interview on Jimmy Fallon?] I tried out 3 different shades, Lovely, Dusty Rose, and Allison. All of them made my lips look cracked and wrinkly. Plus, they were so drying on my lips that I couldn’t bear them anymore. I ended up returning 2 of them and giving Allison to my best friend, who adores them. Sadly, they just weren’t for me.

And that’s a wrap Mimi! Let’s see what new and exciting products 2017 has to offer!



P.S. Have any suggestions for 2017? Leave it in the comments. I would love to try it out!

All life is an experiment. The more experiments, the better. ~Ralph Waldo Emerson

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