One of the most amazing things in life is the relationship between a pet and its owner. Based on years of trust, comfort, and love, while neither speaks the language of the other, they both feel understood.


Blogging the Bachelor: Week 8

Dear Mimi,

Hopefully this post will be shorter than the last, so here goes nothing. Welcome to hometown week y’all!

But, before that, we have the drama with Britt. As the rest of the girls talk about what happened the night before (read: gossip and overanalyze), Britt comes in and tells all of them that she is leaving. She doesn’t think that Chris is the man for her and doesn’t want to introduce him to her family next week. DIDN’T I CALL THIS? Read the last post if you don’t believe me! Carly does 436457389475 different voiceovers/interviews explaining how Britt always wants to be the center of attention, how she wants Chris to fight for her, how she is always so used to getting what she wants and when she finally realizes that Chris is forming relationships with other people, Britt wants to get out while she still can without looking like she was dumped. Carly goes “I don’t feel bad for Britt at all. It’s fun to see her squirm”. Homegirl even calls Britt out pretty much saying that “you say you are leaving now, but after you talk with Chris, you’re going to magically stay because you always change your mind whenever Chris tells you something and you always manipulate him”. Okay maybe not that last part directly, but it was inferred (confirmed in the 436457389476th interview). Well be careful Carls, because karma has a way of working things in lightning speed on the Bachelor. (Remember what happened to Kelsey and Ashley?)

I know what you did.

I know what you did.

ha! karma!

ha! karma!

Oh and through all of this, Becca has a date! Nothing much happened except they chill at Chris’ apartment, which looked like my hotel room from when I stayed at Yellowstone National Park, and they watch the sunset. Becca tells Chris she has never been in love. Join the club Becca.

“Up next, it’s the most dramatic rose ceremony ever” *Chris Harrison voice*. Yeah, cuz you’ve only been saying that for 8 weeks in a row now. There is no time to talk because Chris has made up his mind. In the middle of facing the girls and talking, right before he is going to hand out roses, Britt interrupts him and they go somewhere else to talk. RIGHT after they leave, all the girls start gossiping like little old ladies again. I’m surprised Britt and Chris didn’t hear them on their way out of the room; it was that instant.

Screen Shot 2015-02-17 at 8.28.23 PM

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49 Reasons Why Sisters are One of God’s Greatest Gifts

Dear Mimi,

You are a lucky one. You have 3 beautiful, smart, funny, goofy, snarky older sisters who are there to pave the way for you. It was hard being the oldest. I mean, yeah I did get the most attention growing up, but I also had to figure what everything else was on my own, like how to do my hair, wear makeup, and use the word “dumb” correctly when describing the class bully. (No, don’t do that, that is mean).

But in all honesty, sisters are some of the most amazing humans in your life and here’s why.

Screen Shot 2015-02-13 at 7.01.45 PM

  1. They will talk to you about anything and everything from boys to school to clothes to life to how annoying your brothers are and how to most effectively annoy them back.
  2. They will help you get ready for parties and prom, making sure you look your most beautiful every time.
  3. They will always forgive you when you wear their clothes without asking.
  4. They will come to your side when you are crying for no reason.
  5. They will teach you about shoes, how to properly match a necklace to an outfit, makeup and caring for your skin, how to talk to boys, and how to achieve the perfect combination of cute and smart.
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