Didi’s Delightful and Disastrous! December 2016

Dear Mimi,

This is it. We’re saying goodbye to 2016. And honestly? I couldn’t be happier.

These are the products I used a lot specifically in December, but check out my 2016 Favorite Finds (out tomorrow!) for all the products I loved during the whole of 2016.

*Disclaimers*: None of these links are affiliate links or sponsored. These companies have no idea I exist, and I merely add the links to their websites to make it easier for you to check them out, if you’d like. The end.

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Beauty Products the Internet Made Me Buy (and How I Feel About Them)

Dear Mimi,

When you get older and start exploring in makeup, there will be things that you hear about that everyone is buying. Literally everyone and their moms. And sisters. Everyone. I don’t know if YouTube will still be a thing in 10 years, but if it is, (and even if it’s not), you’ll hear people talking about these ah-mazing products and guess what? You’re gonna want to buy them and try them out for yourself. And most of them will be kind of expensive. You’ll start racking up those Ulta and Sephora points like it’s your job. Not that I’m speaking from experience or anything (*nervous laugh*).

Well, here are the products that I did not have enough self-restraint to escape from purchasing and what I really think about them. Were they worth it? Were people just lying/pretending? Or were they really things I would buy again AND tell you to buy too? Let’s find out. Continue reading