Who Is…?

Who is Mimi?

Mimi loves food, just like her sista!

Mimi loves junk food, just like her sista!

Mimi is the youngest of 8, 16 years younger than her eldest sister, Didi, with 2 sisters and 4 brothers in between. She also goes by “Mad-do”. Mimi loves dancing to any music she hears, demanding others to listen to her, and chasing cats while yelling out “Cattie!” Her hobbies include taking selfies, making jokes, and imitating phone conversations with people in her family. She enjoys being dramatic and is a very picky eater. Mimi enjoys cheerleading for her older brothers when they play basketball and playing tag/hide and go seek. She doesn’t like going to preschool because, according to her, she “randomly starts crying” and she “thinks she’s allergic” . Her favorite phrases are “Oh my God!”, “No!” and “You think I’m crazy?” She learned all her sass from her older sisters, who are now regretting it, and is mastering the art of snapchat.


Who is Didi?

Screen Shot 2015-02-21 at 11.22.08 PM

Didi is the oldest of 8, 16 years older than her youngest sister, Mimi, with 2 sisters and 4 brothers in between. Didi loves contemplating while staring at the ocean, using emojis while texting, and making awkward home videos with her family. Her hobbies include reading, making sarcastic jokes, and watching videos of late night talk shows on her iPad. She is a fan of the Chicago Bulls and can eat apple pie for every meal of every day. Didi enjoys giving her cat showers and making lists in her organizer. She does not let anyone touch her junk food or her makeup. Her favorite phrases are “Aye yaiy yemos! Que asco!”, “Hoo my got!” and “Vhat?” She has learned patience from all her siblings, who test it every day. In her free time, Didi likes to pretend that her life is a sitcom and plays video games with her brothers. She also likes to give hand hugs because she thinks they are so darn cute.


***These will be updated as life goes on and things happen to us.

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