15 More Things My Husband Unconditionally, Totally Must Know About Me

Dear Mimi,

We’re back with the weirdness confessions, so here we go!


Am I making you hungry yet?

  1. The only salad I like is from Olive Garden (And I don’t like salad dressing. Not really a salad person).
  2. I cannot do a cartwheel to save my life and I don’t think I’ll ever be able to. We had a unit in first grade gym where we had to learn cartwheels and needless to say, I failed miserably.
  3. When I first saw the word “epitome”, I thought it was pronounced “epi-toume” (like ‘epi-tomb’, without the ‘b’ at the end).
  4. 7 is my favorite number. (Fun fact: It was also my roll number every year til 8th grade).
  5. I think white chocolate is underrated.
  6. Lou Malnati’s is my favorite deep dish pizza (aka the best deep dish in Chicago).
  7. I didn’t know what a “block” was until I was 18 and started going to school in the city. If someone told me to walk 3 blocks, I’d just get more confused.
  8. I have 2 stretch marks on my left knee and I have no clue as to how they came into existence.
  9. My favorite Disney movie is the Lion King. I’ve always wanted to go see it on Broadway.
  10. If I see an actor/actress in a movie or TV show that I recognize from somewhere else, I HAVE to figure out where they’re from, otherwise I cannot focus on what I am currently viewing.
  11. I don’t like water with the “added for taste” minerals. (Water is supposed to be tasteless. Why ruin a good thing with minerals?)
  12. For the longest time, I thought the phrase “beggars can’t be choosers” was actually “buyers can’t be choosers”. (Don’t worry. I see the flaw in my thinking now.)
  13. One of my earliest memories is looking out of a huge window wall in Switzerland and seeing all the snow on the mountains.
  14. My first pet was a guppy fish named Ruby who lived for two years.
  15. I can only wink one eye and raise one eyebrow, both on the left side.

Here’s to being weird Mimi. May we all find someone whose weirdness is just as crazy as ours.



Being called weird is like being called limited edition. It means you’re something that people don’t see that often. Remember that.


I’m Back! (Part 2)

Dear Mimi,

Don’t hate me. I know, I know. I took another hiatus and I’m super sorry about that. Truth be told, I actually forgot about this blog (oops!) I was just so busy trying to figure life out, and then I started working and it was a lot of stress and busy-ness. It’s not a valid excuse, but it’s what happened 😦

Anyways, I’m back for real now (in sha Allah). I have another year to myself (aka no school), so I really want to get back into writing this blog and dedicate my time into keeping it up. I have a lot of cool ideas that I’m excited about, so I will try my absolute best to be consistent. Sometimes, life happens and we forget to nurture the parts of ourselves that are important to us.

But yeah, here I go. Again.



Why Do People Leave Each Other?

Dear Mimi,

In this part of the book, Sr. Yasmin mentions how attachment was her biggest weakness. And honestly, it is mine too. It’s really hard growing up away from all of your grandparents, uncles, aunts, and cousins, especially when everyone around you seemed to have all of theirs close by. Eids were lonely, Thanksgivings were hard, and it was difficult to not be able to enjoy your friends and family in the same place. It always felt like I had to choose: either go to India for 3 months and forget about spending summer with my friends, or stay here with my friends and miss out on family. It could never be combined.

The times I did have with my family though, were better than and closer to my heart than any of the times spent with my friends. Yes, alhumdulillah, my friends were great, but at the end of the day, I had to go home and they had to go home. With family though, they were your home. You never had to leave. They were a part of you, and you, a part of them. And of course, because I never saw them as often as I would’ve liked, they became my attachment. They became my test of patience in this dunya. Continue reading

I’m Back!

Dear Mimi,

I am sorry. It has been a long time and when you are old enough to read this, you’ll probably hate me for missing out on a whole year of my life, but to be honest, most of things you can just ask me about anyway.

It’s been a long, hard, but definitely interesting 2014. While I wish I had remembered to tell you about it here, the fact is that I just forgot and for about 25% of it, I didn’t have internet, so there.

Anyway, I’m back now for 2015 and I promise, I will try to blog more this year. Here’s to more love and laughter with you. After all, you are the dancer, and I am the watcher. Stay smiling my love 🙂

Love, Didi

“Of two sisters one is always the watcher, one the dancer.” -Louise Glück